The Benefits of Alone Time
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It seems up until recently, being introverted was viewed as a negative quality. Humans, by nature, are social creatures and it seems to go against the natural order to want to be alone. In reality, however, there is much to gain by giving yourself some quiet time, introverted or not.

The Benefits of Alone Time

Spending time alone is not a new concept for me. While my childhood friends spent their summers away at camp or on vacation, I spent mine drawing, building small websites, filming embarrassing skits on my camcorder, or playing video games. While this may seem like a lonely life to some, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. I truly believe the alone time spent as a child shaped me into the person I am today because it allowed my imagination to run wild. Creativity is not something that is taught but rather accumulated by experiences. The whimsical, childlike freedom gave me a space to harbor the creativity that allows me to be successful in my career as an adult. If you’re ever feeling a mental block coming on, spending some time alone may be just the thing you need to get the creativity flowing again.

The Benefits of Alone Time

A moment of solitude can also be beneficial if you’re feeling stressed. There were times in high school and college where I would simply lay in the dark doing nothing but listening to music. The peace helped me destress and take my mind off things that were happening at the moment. Something about escaping into your own world helps you forget about the ever-unraveling list of things that need to be done.

The Benefits of Alone Time

Lastly, spending time alone helps you discover your interests. I noticed how much I loved working on computers – I spent much of my free time growing up teaching myself how to code or creating illustrations and animations. It was after a couple high school web design classes when I finally said: “Hey, this is pretty cool. I should turn this into a career.” And that’s exactly what happened. Spending a lot of time alone can get boring, and as a result you will find ways to entertain yourself. What you choose to do with your time can really help you discover a lot about yourself, especially if you’re actively exploring your interests.

The Benefits of Alone Time

Though spending time alone comes easily to me because I am introverted, I do believe everyone can benefit from some level of solitude. This doesn’t mean isolating yourself from everyone around you, but it does mean giving yourself space when you need it. A little peace and quiet can play an integral part in rejuvenating the soul.

Kate Spade Surprise Sale Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Every so often Kate Spade has a surprise sale for their online customers. Though they last for a very limited amount of time, you can snag some pretty good deals as discounts go up to 75%! It’s perfect for those of us who like to indulge, but don’t necessarily want to pay full price. The temptation to fill my cart with Kate Spade goodies was fierce, so I had to exercise some major self-control…

The ad for this sale came at a perfect time because I happened to be in the market for a new wallet. My old wallet was big, bulky, and outdated, and I knew I wanted something simpler and more practical. In steps the Stacy, a slim wallet with 12 credit card slots, an ID window, four billfold compartments, button closure, and a zippered area on the back to put coins in. It’s small in size, yet I am able to carry all of my cards with me at once – a combination I’ve never had!

My one complaint is that the billfolds aren’t quite large enough to slip cash in and out easily, but since I never really carry cash with me anymore it’s not a huge deal. I picked it up in the color “Ballet Slipper,” which is the absolute best shade of pink as it’s understated but still noticeable. This genuine leather wallet is absolutely gorgeous, and I managed to grab it for only $50 during the sale! Super happy with this considering it’s normally $150.

Kate Spade Surprise Sale
Kate Spade Surprise Sale

I’m glad I finally found a manageable and stylish wallet that I’m not embarrassed to take out of my bag! The size cut has been tremendously noticeable; I like carrying around smaller bags on a day-to-day basis, so it leaves me with plenty of room for other things. Definitely pleased with this purchase…now I just have to decide if I want a matching bag ;).

Did you pick anything up in the surprise sale? Let me know in the comments!

Splurging on one particular item is a rare occasion for me, but this denim jumpsuit broke the silence in my spending. It’s a stylish, casual, comfortable piece that made a perfect addition to my closet! Even though it was a little pricey ($128), I bought it because it will work great as a transitional piece. Wear it with a tank top and it’s perfect for spring and summer. Wearing it with a long-sleeve shirt makes it perfect for fall. Since it’s so versatile, I know I’m getting my money’s worth. It won’t be sitting in the darkest corner of my closet waiting for the one season it can be worn.

My one complaint is that I wish it came in a “short” size, or that the straps were at least adjustable. I’m 5’1″ and my torso is on the shorter side, so the straps and legs are a little too long for me. I may end up getting it tailored eventually, but for now I’m just going to rock the slightly baggy look!

All in all, I’m really loving this jumpsuit and am looking forward to the ways I can experiment with what to layer underneath it. Hopefully this will be my last splurge piece for awhile as well; I’ve been turning to retail therapy a bit more than I should lately!

Hope you all are having a great week so far!

Ahhh, monotony…boredom’s ugly cousin. Ever have those days where you feel like you’re running on autopilot? Well, you’re not alone. Sometimes the “blah” of our daily routines can set the tone for our week and make it hard to focus on the tasks at hand. I believe one of the biggest mistakes we make is neglecting our mental health. We know that exercise and eating well are important for healthy bodies, so why don’t we ever think to care for our minds as well?

Just as it’s easy to get bogged down by stress, it’s easy to feel down because of boredom as well. Giving yourself even the slightest thing to look forward to helps remedy the situation. You don’t need a fancy vacation to pick yourself up out of a rut. Though they are nice to have every once in awhile, the truth is vacations are temporary. In fact, something more long lasting like taking a class of some sort gives you something to look forward to every week. For example, I recently signed up for ballet classes that I take twice a week. I haven’t danced in almost 10 years, but it’s more enjoyable now than it was then because I’ve had time to realize how much I’ve missed it. It’s exciting when dance class comes around because we learn something new every week, it’s beneficial to my health, and I get to do something I enjoy. Triple whammy!

Of course everyone is different and maybe taking a class isn’t the right answer for you, but there are so many things you can do to break up the monotony your week. You just have to find what works. Maybe it’s scheduling a lunch date with a friend, checking out the events happening in your town that weekend, or finding a show on Netflix you can spend all day binge watching. There are plenty of small things to treat yourself to, so make sure you’re always blocking out a little time for yourself. The boring moments will always be there, but having something to look forward to makes them much more bearable.

What do you like to do for fun? Do you have any tips for people looking to break up the monotony in their week? Let me know in the comments!

Authenticity in Social Media

Authenticity in Social Media

It’s hard to be a stranger to social media. Some people manage to stay disconnected, but the majority of us that own any type of smartphone or computer participate in it in some form. Those of us that do partake in these little digital worlds find ourselves checking them several times a day. It’s fascinating that it has very much become a part of our lives.

Clearly social media has evolved over the years as well. All of the platforms started out as a place to share photos and updates with people you personally knew or knew of, but the reach is even further now. Celebrities used to be these elusive beings, but now you get glimpses into their personal lives that they choose to share. These are real people posting about their real lives. It makes it all seem a bit more…well…human.

Those with substantial followings also utilize their platforms to bring awareness to real issues. More and more people are speaking out about their social, political, and personal beliefs and it’s absolutely refreshing. In an arena that’s crowded with so much judgment, it’s nice to see people be brave and take a stand. We don’t always have to agree with each other, but people that respectfully state their opinions are admirable.

Authenticity in Social Media Authenticity in Social Media

While a lot of good comes from social media, there is obviously a negative side. It’s heartbreaking to see people rise to social media fame quickly and have it go to their heads. I’ve lost interest in a few people because I can’t relate to them anymore. Contrary to popular belief, change has never been the problem. Going through a change now and again is healthy; if a creator wants to experiment with how they create their content or they want to change up their style, I think that’s one hundred percent normal. It’s more so about how people let things like their social status define them. It’s easy to see when people stop thinking for themselves and for their content and instead think about their personal gain. Their personality doesn’t necessarily change but their motives do. It’s also hard seeing people blatantly screw each other over and make petty remarks about one another, but I guess that’s what happens when egos get in the way.

Of course this doesn’t describe everyone as many people manage to remain humble, and this is exactly what we need more of. Humans require genuine connections, and establishing those connections is easiest when people are (respectfully) open, honest, and authentic. It’s impossible to relate to the façade of someone.

What do you think about social media as it is now? Do you find it mostly authentic or mostly fake? I’m interested to know, so please leave a comment!

Authenticity in Social Media