3 Ways I Use Coconut Oil in My Night Routine


Do you ever stumble upon a product that makes you wonder, “Where have you been all my life?” Well, this is exactly what happened with me and coconut oil.

This handy little substance is something most people keep in their kitchen, but not a lot of people know that you can use it in your beauty routine as well! A jar is around $8 and can do incredible things for your skin and hair. My mom is the one who introduced it to me several years ago when I was complaining about how dry my hair was after bleaching it, and now it has become something I can’t live without!

Here are three ways I’ve incorporated coconut oil into my own personal beauty routine:

  1. A night cream for your face – Skip the chemicals and synthetics and hydrate your face with something completely natural instead. I know what you’re thinking… “Oil on your face?! What?” As someone with combination/oily skin, I was a little skeptical at first as well. I decided to bite the bullet and try it one night, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I woke up with my skin feeling softer with no new breakouts! I apply a small amount (about 1/8 of a teaspoon) all over my face. I let it dry for a few minutes before hopping into bed and have it do the work while I sleep…easy peasy! Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and also serves as an excellent hydrator which makes it very suitable for your face. It actually soaks into your skin, so you won’t wake up with the light layer of oil on your face you went to sleep with. If you’re still not sold on leaving it on all night, you can always use it as a mask instead. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and rinse off any excess oil with water and pat dry. Another alternative is to mix a small amount with a moisturizer you commonly use. Any way you choose to use it, I’m sure you’ll reap the benefits!
  2. A deep conditioning treatment for your hair – Sometimes my hair can get dry, frizzy, and untamable. I’ve still yet to find something that smoothes my relentless frizz, but I do find that coconut oil softens my hair and makes it more manageable. How much you use will depend on the length and thickness of your hair, but usually I just pull my hair back into a ponytail and saturate that length of hair with the oil. I definitely try to avoid putting any near my roots. The next morning, I’ll take a shower, wash my hair as I normally do, and discover how much softer it is after it is dried.
  3. A relief for severely dry and cracked skin – I used to never have dry feet, but it was just my luck to develop extremely parched soles about a year ago. I tried foot cream, exfoliating, and wearing socks to bed (which I absolutely hate, by the way), and nothing seemed to work. Recently, I started applying coconut oil to my feet every night before bed (sockless of course), and it hasdefinitely been providing some relief. It hasn’t been long enough to tell if it will completely solve my problem, but I can see it’s softening them up and keeping the dryness under control. Fingers crossed for this one!

As you can see, coconut oil is a handy little thing to keep in your beauty arsenal. There are so many more things I’ve heard people use it for, too. Did you know you could use it as a makeup remover? Absolutely boggles my mind how many uses you can get from this natural invention! Another note I should make is a little goes a long way with this stuff, so that 16 oz jar should last you awhile. You also want to make sure you’re picking up virgin or extra virgin coconut oil as well; the less refined the better.


Do you have a holy grail natural beauty product? What is something your night routine can’t go without?




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