A Neutral DIY Fall Wreath

DIY Neutral Fall Wreath DIY Neutral Fall Wreath

I don’t know if it’s because I’m crossing over into the 25-34 age group this month, but I’ve been feeling especially crafty lately! You know you’re getting older when you spend hours looking at DIY projects on Pinterest…

Anywho, I’ve had a thing for wreaths lately. Our apartment doesn’t leave much space to decorate as much as I’d like, but wreaths are something everyone can have to add a little curb appeal. The first thing that used to pop in my mind when I thought of the word “wreath” was Christmas. Wreaths to me always meant circular evergreen foliage, but boy was I wrong. You can make a wreath for any season, and I just so happened to roll up my sleeves and make myself a fall one this year. Ok, it didn’t take much sleeve-rolling as the one I made was reeeeally simple, but shhhh! No one has to know ;).

Basically, I took a trip to Michael’s over the weekend and picked up the following:

  1. 14″ Grapevine Wreath
  2. 5 artificial Hydrangea flower stems (3 brown, 2 white)
  3. Pre-made bow (You can pick out ribbon to make your own bow if you prefer – I just didn’t want any extra ribbon laying around I knew I wouldn’t be using. Plus I’m a dreadful bow maker…)

After I cut down the stems to about 2-3″ using garden shears, I arranged them in an arc and stuck them through the grapevine. No glue, no tape, no floral wire. I attached the bow and just like that it was ready to hang on the door! Easy, right? Boring door no more!

I liked the hydrangeas because they’re fluffy and ridiculous, and also because I loved the neutral cream and brown tones. Knowing I wanted part of the grapevine to show as well, I only bought enough to partially cover the wreath. It’s definitely far from a spectacular floral arrangement, but it’s simple, pretty, and enough to keep me happy for the time being! The cost can’t be beat, either. They were having great sales and I got to use a coupon on top of that, so I ended up only spending $16 for all of the supplies! Pretty sweet if you ask me.

This was a really fun, simple project – I think I’m going to like this crossover ;).

DIY Neutral Fall Wreath

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