Adesse New York Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat

Adesse Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat

Matte nails are so sleek. I’m a sucker for a matte black or a matte pale pink. Having the Adesse New York Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat at my disposal has proved very convenient: I can turn any polish I own into a beautiful matte manicure!

One of my favorite aspects about this top coat is the suede finish. It does resemble leather in the way that it reflects light yet isn’t glossy. It is smooth to the touch, but you do have to be careful with application. The formula is pretty runny; I think I have enough wiped off the brush only to see that it is about to drip right before I press it to my nail. If too much product is applied, the top coat will turn white. When I tried to rub off the white residue, it unfortunately (but expectedly) took my nail polish with it. You also have to be careful to make sure the entire surface area of the nail is covered, or else you’ll end up with shiny edges.

Adesse Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat
Left hand is with the top coat, right hand is without.

Overall, I’m happy with the product and how it mattifies my nail polish. It is an absolutely beautiful finish, pretty easy application, and I can’t wait to try it out on all of my nail colors!

What are your favorite nail products? Let me know in the comments!

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