Dressing for the Sweltering Heat

Dressing for the Heat

When it comes to the weather, I’m pretty much the brunette version of Goldilocks. I can’t stand it when it’s too cold, and I definitely can’t stand it when it’s too hot. Of course it’s my luck to live in a climate that chooses to only have two seasons: winter and a 9-month-long summer.

Georgia heat is its own beast. Not only is it hot, but it’s incredibly humid as well which makes it feel like you’re stepping into a sauna every time you venture outside. Thankfully I’ve learned a thing or two about how to dress for the sweltering heat in my 24 years of living here, and it all centers around one mantra: less is more.

never layer in the summer. It looks so nice and chic, but it’s just not practical. My summer silhouettes are always very simple, light, and airy. Usually I just like to slip on a dress or pair my favorite jean shorts with a tank top. On the surface that may sound a bit boring, but in actuality it gives your accessories a chance to quite literally shine. Summer is the time you can get away with unique jewelry, funky hats, and those handbags that look like little wicker baskets that are becoming very commonplace now. The point is that even though the silhouette may be simple, you can still find ways to incorporate your personality through other means. No one needs to be miserable and excessively sweaty for the sake of style!

My favorite accessory this summer has probably been my denim baseball cap. Not only does it offer some shady relief, but it also protects my scalp and face from getting burned. Plus it has the cutest little pineapple on the front! Normally I’m not much of a hat person, but I’ve really grown to like them thanks to this guy.

So this has been my very general overview for how I like to dress in the summer. Keeping it simple and effortless is the name of the game!

What are some of your favorite summer staples? Let me know in the comments!

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