Floral Cutout Dress

Floral Cutout Dress Floral Cutout DressFloral Cutout Dress Floral Cutout Dress Floral Cutout Dress

This month has been one of those months where everything has just been so hectic. I don’t know what’s in the water lately but business has picked up immensely! It’s just the art director and me that make up the design department at our company, and we have two very large web design projects going on simultaneously. This is of course on top of all the random requests that come in from other clients as well, but luckily our bosses have been gracious enough to let us hire a freelancer to help us pick up the extra assignments. Needless to say I have been working the full extent of my 9-6 shift (Yep, no stretch breaks! I’m feeling it…) I have some vacation days saved up that I am eager to use when this is all over, hopefully around the beginning of October. It works out perfectly because that’s just in time for Cameron and I’s first wedding anniversary!

Enough work talk, though. I picked up this adorable cutout dress from American Eagle a little while ago so unfortunately I can’t find the link for it. The funny thing is when I purchased it I didn’t realize it had the cutouts! Not very observant of me, I know, but it was a cute little surprise. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been loving midi-length skirts lately, and this dress definitely fits the bill. The little buttons down the front are probably my favorite detail, though. I’m a sucker for buttons.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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