Gifts for Him (Something for Every Budget!)

Gifts for Him

Men can be pretty hard to shop for. I’ve tried and failed to do the ‘surprise-gift’ thing a few times before just deciding to stick with specific lists and save the headache. However, that can suck the fun out of the Christmas spirit real quick, so I decided to consult with someone who knows a thing or two about what a man likes to receive as gifts: my husband. Here are some husband-approved gift ideas that the men in your life are sure to love.

Gifts for Him

  1. Flannel, $23 – If the guy in mind is pretty low maintenance (or even if not), flannels are a great pick! They’re casual, comfortable, and they make a great winter gift.
  2. Nike Free RN Men’s Running Shoes, $100 – Shoes are universally liked by both men and women (and around these parts they’re a little necessary). Though some guys may not care what their shoes look like, a fresh pair of sneakers can spark confidence in anyone. This pair is a great neutral pick for guys with either flashy or subdued tastes.
  3. Beanie, $10 – My husband LOVES beanies; he can never have enough. Hello stocking stuffer!
  4. Watch, $115 – With the introduction of new technology, classic watches may seem obsolete. However, there is still an allure about the antique analog watch. They are a timeless accessory, and there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little classy now and then.
  5. Jaybird Earbuds, $74 – Two words: bluetooth headphones. The music-fanatic in your life will love you for it.
  6. Bose Bluetooth Speaker, $117 – Speaking of music, this bluetooth speaker has great reviews and will take blasting Christmas music to a whole new level. (Even if it’s heavy metal Christmas music. Yes, it exists.)
  7. Funny Socks, $4 – Target has an amazing array of funny printed socks. My husband has an entire collection, and I really think they showcase his sense of humor. If you have a funny guy in your life, he’s sure to appreciate a pair of funny socks.
  8. Beard Balm and/or Beard Oil, this particular set is $30 – Men love having a great beard just as much as women love having great eyebrows. My husband is EXTREMELY low-maintenance, so to see him actually spend money on grooming products was a shock! He really loves the way this balm and oil make his beard feel, and they come in a variety of delicious scents! He also recommends the brand Grave Before Shave.
  9. Eelskin Wallet, $12 – My husband swears that eelskin wallets are better than leather ones. I can’t personally say, but I’ll take his word for it! He’s had his for several years, and they are very inexpensive!
  10. Giant Coffee Mug, $40 – An 18 oz mug for a coffee lover is basically heaven. The bigger the better! (This particular mug is sold out, but this one and this one are 16 oz for $26 each!)
  11. Winter Gloves, $50 – Gone are the days where you have to sacrifice warmth just to use your phone. These gloves have special fibers on all five fingers that allow you to use your phone while wearing them. Winter gloves are often overlooked and taken for granted but much appreciated when received! Perfect for the practical guy in your life.

That wraps up my Guy Gift Guide for 2016. Do you have any suggestions for great guy gifts? Let me know in the comments!

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