How I Decided It Was Time to Revamp My Content


I have never understood why the word “change” oftentimes refers to something negative. “She sure has changed” or “I miss how she used to be” seem to escape the lips of many people when someone takes charge and decides to do something a little different. People evolve over time; it is a part of life. As long as you stay true to who you are and what you believe in, I think a little change is healthy and productive.

So that’s what I’ve decided to do.

Months of putting my blog aside to focus on planning my wedding has given me time to think and re-evaluate the type of content I want to continue creating. I love beauty and fashion, and I am still going to incorporate those topics in my blog posts. However, there was one thing I felt has been missing from my content: me. I want to incorporate more personal aspects to my blog such as my experiences, thoughts, and opinions. I want to dig deeper and offer something insightful for someone out there who spends their spare time reading blogs and wants to take something from them, just like I do.


I have kept a notebook since I started thinking about starting a blog over a year ago. It’s fun to look back at old notes and ideas I had, what I followed through with, what I haven’t. I still continue to write in this notebook. When I found I was writing more ideas about experiences rather than materials, I decided it was time to revamp my content. The content on a blog is usually much better when you can tell the author is passionate and honest in their writing. I knew if I wanted to make my content better, I needed to add a personal touch and variety so my posts stopped being (in my opinion) repetitive.


You could say I was in a creative slump of some sort, and now I have found my remedy. I think I will enjoy this new direction, and hopefully someday I can inspire someone else with one of my little published posts on this vast virtual space we like to call the Internet.

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