January 2017 Boxycharm Unboxing

January 2017 Boxycharm Unboxing

I never thought I would be a fan of subscription boxes. Frankly, I used to think they were pretty useless (a lot of them I still do). That was until I stumbled upon Boxycharm. Boxycharm is a makeup subscription box that ships to residents of the US and Canada for $21 a month. This little black makeup box’s main appeal is that it contains 4-5 full size products. Yep, you read that right: FULL SIZE. Almost always the amount of the box adds up to be over $100, so you get some bang for your buck. Most of the brands I’ve never heard of (and they actually turn out to be quite decent), but ever so often they throw in a well-known brand as well.

This marks my third month of receiving a Boxycharm box. I love the idea of getting surprised every month, and they always have a variety of products to offer. For example, this month I received a highlighter duo, a fan brush to go with said highlighter duo, a cheek stain, a nail polish mattifier, and a hand lotion. In the three months I’ve gotten Boxycharm, I’ve only been disappointed by one product.

Every “Charmer” (how they refer to their subscribers) receives a different variation of the month’s box. While two or three of the items will be things everyone gets, the rest is left up to chance. I find this aspect rather fun!

Now, enough chit chat. Let’s get into what I got this month!

  1. Anderson Lilley Manhattan Beach Hand Cream ($24) – This lovely number is the beach in a bottle. It almost smells a bit like a fragrant sunscreen, but it is simply just a hand lotion. At $24, it’s already over the price of the box. The application feels nice and it’s not greasy. It is a much needed addition to my night routine! Smelling the beach in the midst of yucky winter weather is a plus, too.
  2. Crown Soft Fan Brush ($12.99) – Before this box, I didn’t have a fan brush in my collection. I usually use a medium sized fluffy brush to apply my highlighter, but now I can use this instead! The bristles are very soft and lightweight. It may be just a simple fan brush, but it gets the job done.
  3. Vintage Highlighter Double ($35) – I had never heard of this brand before prior to subscribing to Boxycharm. I received a highlighter from them back in November, and now they’ve sent us a duo. All of them are different, of course, and I am so impressed with how bright of a highlight they create! Seriously, these things will make you shine. They each have gold undertones, which I find is a nice change from the white undertones of a typical highlighter.
  4. PÜR Cosmetics Chateau Cheek Stain in “Prosecco” ($26) – Cheek stains are a completely new concept to me. Obviously I knew they existed, but I never tried one for myself. This was such a pleasant surprise! The product almost looks like a giant Chapstick with a brush on the other end. It looks obnoxiously bright, but once applied it blends into your skin very nicely. I love the color of this as well. The brush does shed, however. I noticed several tiny hairs on my cheeks, but it wasn’t much to just swipe them away with my fingers. I’m very excited to keep using this one!
  5. Adesse Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat ($18) – This little guy is magic in a bottle. It mattifies any shiny nail polish with a suede finish (so a hint of sheen, but no gloss!) It works almost instantly as well; it dried very fast. The description says “May apply every day to maintain the matte suede effect,” so I’m guessing that means it wears off (I didn’t keep my nail polish on long enough to test it out, unfortunately).  This is probably my favorite item that I got this month because it just doubled my nail polish collection. Thanks Boxycharm!

This month’s total adds up to be $114. As always, I’m looking forward to seeing what I receive in future boxes. It’s like Christmas every month when I see it in my mailbox! If you’d like to see me test out the products in real time, take a peek at my latest YouTube video:

Do you subscribe to Boxycharm? What did you get in your box? Anything you absolutely loved? Anything you absolutely hated? Let me know in the comments!

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