Making an Effort to Slow Down

Slowing Down Slowing Down


I can’t believe it’s already the middle of July; it seems like just weeks ago we were counting down to the new year. The older I get, the more I realize how quickly time flies! It’s funny because sometimes the days can feel like they drag on forever, but the weeks seem to go by so quickly. Kind of a paradox of sorts.

In this day in age, things have been moving at lightning speed and so efficiently that it can be easy to forget to take a step back. Our mental health could really benefit from making time for ourselves to do things we enjoy outside of our scope of work or daily routines, but it seems that we rarely do. “The real world” can be demanding and responsibilities definitely need to be prioritized, but there should be a line between working hard and feeling overworked.

We’re put under a lot of pressure by society to be successful, but I think a lot of it is internalized. You will always be your toughest critic, and that means you have to be the one to lift that weight off of your shoulders. Reward yourself for all of your hard work by taking the time to do something that truly brings you joy. It’s important to clear your head every once in awhile, so finding what does that for you is imperative.

Slowing Down

Time can be fleeting, and that’s why I’ve been making an effort to slow down. Instead of aiming to be productive every minute of every day, I’ve been taking things as they come (even if that means binge watching Netflix for hours on end. No shame.) I’ve also decided to take ballet classes twice a week to 1. get some much needed exercise and 2. break up the monotony in my week. Taking these small steps has helped me find a better balance between being productive and relaxing, and I know my mind is eternally grateful. It’s amazing how making even the slightest positive change can affect your mood and well-being!

In a world where the fast-forward button seems to constantly be on, remember to be the one to hit pause when you need it. Being productive through every stretch of the day can be counterproductive when it starts to bog you down as it can make you very tired and unmotivated. On the contrary, giving your mind a refreshing break is probably one of the best ways to amplify your productivity. You’re putting in the work that your responsibilities demand, why not put the same effort into your mental health? Take that step back; you’ll be amazed with what a fresh mindset can do.

Slowing Down
P.S. I should probably invest in a iron and ironing board, haha

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