Making the Cut

Short Hair - Making the Cut

I’m no stranger to the scissors. Since high school, I’ve been doing this thing where I grow my hair out really, really long only to cut it all off when I get bored. While I like the idea of long, flowy hair, I’ve always felt more like myself in short hair.

There’s something liberating about getting all that hair chopped; in some ways it’s a bit rebellious, but it’s also majorly chic.

Here are some reasons why I love having short hair:

  1. You aren’t a slave to it anymore because it’s a lot easier to take care of short hair!
  2. While I’ve always been a wash-and-go type of person (a.k.a. you won’t find me taking the time to style it very often), bed-head on short hair is a lot easier to pull off.
  3. With shorter hair, I don’t find myself fighting off vicious tangles with the hairbrush.
  4. The drain doesn’t clog nearly as fast. (Gross, but needs to be said.)
  5. No split ends! Especially if you’re consistently getting it cut.
  6. Sure it takes some strategic bobby pinning, but you can still put it up when you need to.
  7. Gone are the moments when your hair gets caught in the car door and on other random things. SERIOUSLY THE WORST.
  8. During the hot summer months it’s a lot easier to stay cool with shorter hair.
  9. It’s a change. I get used to seeing myself one way, so mixing things up once in awhile keeps it interesting.
  10. Shampooing has never been easier. I swear it cuts my shower time in half!

So those are some of the reasons I love having short hair. Really the only con is that it can get expensive trying to maintain the length since you have to get it cut more often, but to me it’s a fair trade-off. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to teach myself how to cut my own hair!

What are your opinions – do you like having long hair or short hair and why? Let me know in the comments!

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