Minimal Eye & Bold Lip

Minimal Eye Bold Lip

The warmer the weather gets, the less makeup I wear. Minimal makeup can look very fresh, so that could be why. Or maybe it’s just because there’s no use in applying a lot just to sweat it all off by the end of the day. Either way, you won’t catch me in front of the mirror for longer than 10 minutes over the summer.

Normally, I just like to apply a light gloss to the lips, but sometimes when I’m feeling frisky I reach for one of my bolder lipsticks and pair it with my very minimal eye makeup. Contrast is one of my favorite design principles, so it only makes sense that I would love it in “real-life” scenarios as well.

This lipstick is “Bumble” by ColourPop. Though I’m typically not a fan of their ultra matte formula, this color was too stunning to pass up. It’s the perfect bold lip for summer because it’s standout without being too dark.

Bold lipstick with a minimal eye is one of the easiest ways to go from a daytime look to a nighttime look. Pack it in your purse in the morning and you have instant glam-on-the-go when you’re ready to go out at night. Easy peasy!

How do you feel about a bold lip with minimal eye makeup? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments!

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