My 5 Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall

5 Favorite Fall Eyeshadow Palettes

The season of neutrals is upon us. It’s hard to ignore the beautiful color combinations and hues fall brings us each and every year. Reds, browns, taupes, bronzes, and colors of the like are seen dusted across the eyelids of beauty enthusiasts everywhere during this time, so I thought I’d share with you a few of my own personal fall favorites. Of course I use these palettes year-round, but the colors in them are just so suited for this time of year that they deserved their own special fall feature. *By the way, these are arranged in no particular order!*

  1. Urban Decay Naked Palette ($54) – I think this is one of those palettes that is (or at least was) considered a cult classic beauty product. For awhile, every makeup tutorial included at least one of the shades in this palette. Though it is less talked about now, I still find myself reaching for this reliable collection of colors. “Naked,” a color in the palette, is one of the best transition shades EVER. It includes a mixture of matte and shimmery neutrals that are perfect for everyday wear in the fall. There are also some darker tones at the right end of the palette to create a look for a night out.
  2. Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette ($36) – Simplicity is key with this little eyeshadow tin. First, Too Faced has been my favorite eyeshadow brand for awhile. The eyeshadows are great quality, the branding is always on point, and they’re always coming up with creative concepts for their products. I hold this palette a little close to my heart because it was the first “high-end” makeup product I’ve ever owned. Though the palette only contains 9 shades, it’s easy to come up with different looks both bold and subtle. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re looking at a palette that has 15-20 colors in it, but Too Faced simplifies this process by picking a small array of neutral eyeshadows that all work great together. When you’re running late, this is a great palette to reach for because you’ll be able to create a kick-ass look without even trying.
  3. Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette ($45) – I walked into Sephora planning on just looking/not buying one day, and yet somehow ended up walking out of the store with this palette in hand. Something about the mud-colored shadows in this palette had me drawn in immediately. Okay, mud doesn’t exactly sound like a good description, but in this case it is. I love every single shade in this palette. From the tans to the reds to the dark browns, I was in fall eyeshadow heaven! I picked the Tartelette 2 palette over the original palette because of the shimmery shades. I personally like to have a mixture of both just for the sake of variety. This palette is a nice change from the typical brown neutrals because of the introduction of the reds and pinks. If you’re looking for something neutral but still a little different, this palette is a good pick!
  4. Lorac Pro Metal Palette ($28) – This palette is a little more experimental and definitely not neutral, but the metal-inspired hues remind me of fall because of their tones. Even though it’s a colorful palette, they are not bright or vivid. Colorful and bright are not just for spring and summer anymore! If you’re not into the crazy color combinations, I still think this palette has some fun shades you can use in combination with more neutral shades.
  5. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette ($49) – There is a reason this palette has a lot of buzz around it – it’s nothing short of amazing. The eyeshadows blend so beautifully with each other, and you get pops of pink and purple in the midst of all the luscious browns. I think this palette is enchanted by some type of makeup sorcery because it’s hard to create a look with it that isn’t bomb as hell. Oh, and did I mention that it legitimately smells like chocolate? Yum.


Which palette(s) do you find yourself reaching for the most in the fall? Let me know in the comments!


5 Favorite Fall Eyeshadow Palettes

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