I have never understood why the word “change” oftentimes refers to something negative. “She sure has changed” or “I miss how she used to be” seem to escape the lips of many people when someone takes charge and decides to do something a little different. People evolve over time; it is a part of life. As long as you stay true to who you are and what you believe in, I think a little change is healthy and productive.

So that’s what I’ve decided to do.

Months of putting my blog aside to focus on planning my wedding has given me time to think and re-evaluate the type of content I want to continue creating. I love beauty and fashion, and I am still going to incorporate those topics in my blog posts. However, there was one thing I felt has been missing from my content: me. I want to incorporate more personal aspects to my blog such as my experiences, thoughts, and opinions. I want to dig deeper and offer something insightful for someone out there who spends their spare time reading blogs and wants to take something from them, just like I do.


I have kept a notebook since I started thinking about starting a blog over a year ago. It’s fun to look back at old notes and ideas I had, what I followed through with, what I haven’t. I still continue to write in this notebook. When I found I was writing more ideas about experiences rather than materials, I decided it was time to revamp my content. The content on a blog is usually much better when you can tell the author is passionate and honest in their writing. I knew if I wanted to make my content better, I needed to add a personal touch and variety so my posts stopped being (in my opinion) repetitive.


You could say I was in a creative slump of some sort, and now I have found my remedy. I think I will enjoy this new direction, and hopefully someday I can inspire someone else with one of my little published posts on this vast virtual space we like to call the Internet.


With my wedding seemingly right around the corner, my Mom and I have been working together every Saturday trying to tie all loose ends together. I thought it would be fun to share with you a DIY project I’ve been working on for the last couple of Saturdays.

At the end of every wedding, a grand exit is prepared for the happy couple as they leave the reception to start their new lives together. Traditionally, this is done by having the guests throw rice or flower petals on the two lovebirds as they exit the venue. More recently, you’ve probably seen many couples have their guests hold sparklers as they exit. What if you have a venue that is strict about what can be thrown around the property?

This happens to be the case with the venue my fiancé and I chose. Bubbles are a great alternative to rice, petals, and sparklers. No mess, no frills, and you can have your guests bring out their inner child by blowing bubbles your way as you head out.

These bubbles I made are extremely simple, but the decorations liven up the containers and give them some extra umph, if you know what I mean.

So how does one make these pretty lil’ things? Take a look:


You will need:

A cutting mat,
a pair of scissors,
a ruler,
a pencil,
a scalpel/X-acto knife, and
a hot glue gun.


Then of course, you will need some bubbles! I picked up a few boxes of these bubbles from Hobby Lobby.


You’re also going to need some ribbon. I decided to go with two different colors of glitter ribbon from Michael’s to add some variety, as well as some lace ribbon to allude to my lace wedding gown.


Each version of bubble container has the exact same repeatable steps. To begin, measure out a strip of ribbon by wrapping it around the container and cutting it where it overlaps. Place that strip aside for a second and place a dot of hot glue on one side of the container.


Pat down the ribbon onto the container. The glue is hot to the touch at this point, so be careful!


Flip it over and begin to glue down the sides (one side at a time!)


And voila! Simple as that. You have your first glittery bubble container!


If you’re not content with just the glitter, or just want to add a bit of variety, glue some lace ribbon on top. Again, you’ll just measure out the length you need by wrapping it around the container (alternatively, you can use an already cut piece as a ruler), place a dot of hot glue on one side, flip it over, and glue the sides down.


Ta-da! There is version number two.


Finally, for the last version you will measure out a strip (about 1/4″) of glitter ribbon and cut it out with your scalpel. Set it aside while you glue the lace ribbon to your container.


Once the lace is securely attached to the bubbles container, glue on the thin strip of glitter ribbon.


And there you have it! Now you’ll have a nice variety of bubble containers for your guests to choose from when they send you off to start your new life.

If you’d like to see me putting these babies together in live-action, check out my YouTube video below:

Are you planning a DIY wedding? What projects are you working on? If you’ve already had your DIY wedding, what fun projects did you do for it? Let me know in the comments!


The skinny jean has reigned as queen for over a decade in the denim world. When I started wearing skinny jeans, I swore off every other type of jean for the longest time. Something about that slim fit that hugged every curve just right and the versatility of being able to easily dress them up or down made every other option of pant fall to the wayside.

I remember when flare jeans were the only type of jean I owned growing up. Once high school hit, no one would be caught dead wearing them. You can imagine my skepticism when they re-emerged; nothing about them was appealing to me.


After perusing through Pinterest one day, I saw a street fashion shot of Karlie Kloss looking fabulously effortless in a pair of flare jeans. After doing a search and seeing how awesome and modern they could look, I hopped online and ordered myself a pair.

I’m a bit vertically challenged (haha), so I was worried that they might be overwhelmingly too much fabric for me. However, the pair I purchased is subtle enough so I don’t feel like I’m being swallowed by a denim monster. I absolutely have to wear heels with them, and even then they still drag a bit!


I love how they instantly create a casual and cool vibe, much like 70s fashion seems to do. They are easy to modernize, however, and in doing so you can create some effortless, comfortable, and highly fashionable looks.

I like to pair them with traditional 70s garb (as shown in this post) to feel like I’ve just exited a time machine, but I also like to wear them with a comfy, slouchy sweater for an easy daytime look.


Overall I’m very much loving the flare jean trend, and it only took a moderate amount of convincing myself ;). What trends were you skeptical about at first? Are you on-board with the flare trend?

To see other ways I style my flare jeans, take a look-see at my latest YouTube video: