There’s no question that ColourPop is one of my favorite lipstick brands of all time. With fun, new colors and formulas frequently releasing and an affordable price tag, it’s no wonder they’re becoming increasingly popular. I was super stoked when I saw they were coming out with lip glosses. While I love a classic matte lip, I’m happiest wearing a gloss.

I added three colors to my cart to give them a try. Two are the classic sheer formula (Piranha and Thotful, and one is the metallic formula (My Jam). There were so many pretty colors ranging from nude all the way to green; it was hard to pick! When I think of gloss, however, I automatically think bubblegum pink, so I went where my heart was calling.


The packaging is identical to the Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin formulas, and each top has a soft wand for application.

Let’s talk about the classic glosses first: the formula is very sheer. To get a good color payoff, you’ll find yourself applying more than one coat for sure. The one disappointing thing about these glosses is the color does not disperse very evenly. When you apply it, you can see the color moving around with the wand, but not necessarily spreading the way it should. I can imagine that some colors are better in this aspect in others. Just out of the two I have, Piranha is a little bit better about this than Thotful.

They have a “créme” finish that I never managed to pick up. This looks like it’s a more opaque, thick formula. I will have to pick one up and see if it applies more evenly than the sheer formula.

Now onto the metallic gloss. This one is AMAZING. It’s the first metallic gloss that I have bought, and I’m so glad I did. Again, the formula is sheer, but I don’t feel that it’s as sheer as the classic glosses. I love the way it looks when it catches the light, and it is comfortable on the lips. Can’t argue with that!


“My Jam” is by far my favorite of the three. Just the right amount of shine and sparkle, and a rusty red color that is to die for. This metallic formula has the most even color dispersion.


“Piranha” is a light pink which I think does well with the sheer formula. The way the color sits isn’t as noticeable, and I like how it creates an overall softer look.


“Thotful” shows the uneven color dispersion the most. You can see where the color just seems to ‘sit’ in certain areas.

And there you have it, my small collection of ColourPop lip glosses! If you’re interested at all in seeing my entire ColourPop lip collection, take a peek at my video below:

What are your favorite ColourPop products? Let me know so I can give them a try!


It is wedding season again! We all know April-June and September-November are the most popular months to host a wedding. How could you not want to? The weather is wonderful, and the scenery is picture-perfect. My fiancé and I recently attended a beautiful wedding on July 2, and I personally was stumped on what to wear.

Dressing for a wedding can be tricky. Down here in the southern United States, weddings tend to be more casual unless specified that it is black-tie, but of course each and every wedding is unique. Not all invitations will specify the attire, but here are 5 things to look out for when trying to decide what to wear to a summer wedding:

1. What type of venue is the wedding being hosted?
Perhaps one of the best indicators of how formal or informal a wedding will be is by checking the location. A wedding in an extravagant ballroom or hotel is likely to be formal, while a wedding on a farm or rustic landscape is more likely to be informal.

2. What time of day is the wedding?
Daytime weddings tend to be more casual than evening weddings. Check the time on the invitation: a wedding that starts at 3:00PM is probably more casual than a wedding that starts at 6:00PM.

3. Is it indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, what kind of terrain?
If the wedding is indoors–especially in a religious venue–it’s definitely a good idea to dress your “Sunday best.” If the wedding is outdoors in a grassy or sandy area, you won’t see a lot of people in sparkly, long-length gowns and stilettos. However, if it is in a paved, well-manicured area, the attire may be more formal.

4. Consider the design and language of the invitations.
Invitations can be a huge indicator of how to dress for a wedding, even if they don’t specify the attire. If the invitation design is fun and quirky with informal language (For example, if the RSVP card says “Wouldn’t miss it for the world!” instead of “Accepts with pleasure”), the wedding is probably more casual. If the invitation design is elegant and beautiful with formal language, that means to dress a bit nicer.

5. Take into account the personalities of the bride and groom (or bride and bride, groom and groom) and their families.
Ask yourself if the bride and groom have a more formal or informal taste in celebrations. Have they expressed in the past what type of weddings they liked? Are they more formal or informal people? What type of experience do you think they’d like to give their guests? Obviously this step helps only if you know the bride and groom on a personal level, but it will definitely help you decide the nature of the wedding.

Taking all of these into account, I decided that the wedding was casual. I picked a maxi dress that was a bright, fun, summery color, and went with minimal, understated accessories. I wore flat sandals because the ceremony was outdoors in a grassy area.


For makeup, I like to go a bit more neutral for weddings. However, I had to wear this lipstick as it matched my dress perfectly!


Even though I have mentioned the words “casual” and “informal” a lot throughout this post, I still think it is important to dress nice for a wedding. Casual doesn’t necessarily mean jeans and a t-shirt (exaggerating here), but more so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a gown you wear once. You are celebrating the couples’ love after all, and it should be a nice occasion!

If you’re interested in seeing how I created this makeup look, check out my YouTube video:

Are you attending any weddings in the future? If so, what are you planning on wearing?


Nothing quite reminds you how oily your face is until you see a picture of yourself with the flash reflecting off of your face with the intensity of a million spotlights. (Okay, I’m exaggerating here.) On a serious note, I have struggled with having an oily face for years. I have desperately been searching for a product that helps control the shine on the face, and I think I can say I’ve found it! I haven’t tried all of the products in the Neutrogena Shine Control line, but I did pick up the primer and powder because they seemed like they’d be the most effective. Who knew that one of them would actually turn out to be a daily staple in my routine!


I don’t wear primer very often because I don’t wear foundation every day. The only times I wear foundation are special occasions and if I know I’m going to have my picture taken. I like for my skin to be able to breathe! However, primer is very important on the days I do wear foundation because it ensures it will last all day or evening. My first impression of the Neutrogena Shine Control primer is that it smells really nice, almost lotion-like. In fact, it even looks like a lotion. It has no tint, it is just a plain primer. The one thing I don’t like about the primer is that it has a gritty texture. It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, but I just don’t prefer it. It seems to withstand heat, and it seems to keep my skin mostly oil free all day. Since my skin has been oily for years, I don’t prefer a “dewy” finish. I like to keep my face matte, and I think this primer sets everything up for success.


The Neutrogena Shine Control powder is the one in the duo that I use most often, and has turned out to be a staple in my daily beauty routine. I never leave the house without applying it! I use it on top of my foundation and concealer as a setting powder and it works like a charm. It’s translucent so it won’t alter the color of your base. It works just as well without using the primer, but I like to use the primer with it on days I wear foundation just for added security. It’s very lightweight, but it sure packs a punch. You won’t be able to see the powder on your face, but it makes a world of a difference in terms of shine control. It’s a win-win all around!

I am so happy I have actually found products that prevent my skin from getting too oily throughout the day. I don’t have to worry about using blotting papers as much with these products which is a huge relief. What are your favorite primers and powders for oily skin that you just can’t live without?