Perfectly Polished: OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish

OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish

You can never go wrong with a good, long-lasting nail polish. The only negative thing about them is that they are so hard to come by! My friend gifted me this OPI “I Believe in Manicures” gel polish and she raved about how long it lasted, so naturally I couldn’t wait to try it.

As I write this on a gloomy Wednesday afternoon, I am currently wearing this nail polish. In fact, I’ve been wearing it since Sunday and there is no chipping in sight! It even lasted through a scrubbing battle between me and a stack of dishes. Ok…it was more like a mountain of dishes, but let’s not get into that.

I am no expert at applying nail polish; sometimes it looks as if a second grader has done my nails! Frankly, I’ve just recently gotten into nail polish and am trying to hone my skills, but I find these gel formulas a bit more difficult to work with than other formulas. The one thing I’ve learned about gel polishes is the less coats you can get away with, the better off you’ll be. I am definitely going to keep practicing, though, because I hate when my nails chip after only a day!

This color is absolutely stunning. It is part of their “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” collection and it directly resembles the Tiffany blue. It has a glossy finish, but it looks good with a polish mattifier, too.

Overall I’m really happy with this nail polish and can see myself picking up a few more colors in the future!

OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish

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