Trading a Purse for a Backpack

Using a Backpack Instead of a Purse

One of my favorite words in the English dictionary is convenience. I choose flats over heels, a five minute makeup routine over a 30 minute one, and of course I choose a backpack over a purse. Don’t get me wrong; there are days when I like to dress up in heels, spend extra time on my makeup, and carry a purse around. However, most of the time I just like to be comfortable.

By backpack, I don’t mean Jansport or L.L. Bean. Think smaller and more stylish. If it has two straps that hook onto my shoulders and it looks good while doing it, I’m sold! The backpack that I’ve been loving is from Zara, and I haven’t looked back since I got it. It’s been so nice to be hands-free while I’m running errands around town!

Another nice thing about a backpack is that it distributes the weight more evenly on your body since it’s not weighing down on just one shoulder. It makes it a lot easier to lug around my DSLR camera because it doesn’t feel as heavy compared to when I was carrying it around in my handbag. You can pack much more stuff in a backpack before it starts to feel uncomfortable!

My backpack has been an absolute lifesaver and has definitely been one of my favorite purchases this year. If you’re curious about the backpack-as-a-purse life, some great places to look are Zara, Target, and Forever 21. Happy shopping!

Using a Backpack Instead of a Purse

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