Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation

Normally I take a pass on foundation in my everyday makeup routine, but I do like to have them on hand for special occasions when I know I’m going to be on camera. My dream foundation is light, “breathable,” doesn’t settle into my creases, and – most importantly – matches my skin tone.

Wet n Wild is notorious for being an affordable cruelty-free drugstore brand. They have a wide range of makeup products including tools, false eyelashes, and nail polish, so this is definitely a “one-stop-shop” brand. The Photo Focus foundation is one of their newest releases, and the bottle immediately caught my attention because of the cost (hi $6 price tag!), and because it looked like an exact match for my skin tone. Based on this, I had to see if it fit into the other categories of my ‘dream foundation.’

The foundation comes with a built-in applicator on the cap. I was a little skeptical about this at first, but it makes it much easier to place the product around your face. The formula is very light, and it has a beautiful natural coverage! Personally, I like to have my skin show through my foundation, so this was a major plus for me. I should note that I applied it on top of the Wet n Wild primer (which is also amazing, by the way) and used a damp beauty sponge to blend it out. Even though I only applied a thin layer, it made my skin flawless without looking too cakey. Plus it lasted all day!

Thankfully the color of the bottle didn’t lie to me. Some foundations may change color a bit when they dry, but this one remained true to my skin tone. It is easy to see that companies are making an effort to create products for every skin tone, and Wet n Wild has done good by those of us who lack melanin in our skin! It’s always a victory finding a pale-friendly product.

Now moving on to the cons. The first one I will note is the smell. It’s not pleasant for something you put on your face. It reminds me of glue or paint…or any other household item along those lines. Luckily, it’s only noticeable during application. Secondly, this foundation does like to find its way into my smile lines, but I can’t seem to find a foundation that doesn’t! I’ve tried the powder trick and still no luck, so I don’t necessarily hold the pesky creasing against this foundation. It’s just the nature of my face, unfortunately!

Overall, I think this is a really great product. At $6, it makes you wonder why you spent two to three times as much on a crummy foundation that sits on your vanity collecting dust.

Have you tried Wet n Wild products before? What are some of your favorites?

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation

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