Why I’ve Been Loving (& Living in) Flare Jeans


The skinny jean has reigned as queen for over a decade in the denim world. When I started wearing skinny jeans, I swore off every other type of jean for the longest time. Something about that slim fit that hugged every curve just right and the versatility of being able to easily dress them up or down made every other option of pant fall to the wayside.

I remember when flare jeans were the only type of jean I owned growing up. Once high school hit, no one would be caught dead wearing them. You can imagine my skepticism when they re-emerged; nothing about them was appealing to me.


After perusing through Pinterest one day, I saw a street fashion shot of Karlie Kloss looking fabulously effortless in a pair of flare jeans. After doing a search and seeing how awesome and modern they could look, I hopped online and ordered myself a pair.

I’m a bit vertically challenged (haha), so I was worried that they might be overwhelmingly too much fabric for me. However, the pair I purchased is subtle enough so I don’t feel like I’m being swallowed by a denim monster. I absolutely have to wear heels with them, and even then they still drag a bit!


I love how they instantly create a casual and cool vibe, much like 70s fashion seems to do. They are easy to modernize, however, and in doing so you can create some effortless, comfortable, and highly fashionable looks.

I like to pair them with traditional 70s garb (as shown in this post) to feel like I’ve just exited a time machine, but I also like to wear them with a comfy, slouchy sweater for an easy daytime look.


Overall I’m very much loving the flare jean trend, and it only took a moderate amount of convincing myself ;). What trends were you skeptical about at first? Are you on-board with the flare trend?

To see other ways I style my flare jeans, take a look-see at my latest YouTube video:

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