Is It Worth the Hype?: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette


I am a pretty big fan of Too Faced eye shadow palettes. When I saw that they were coming out with the Sweet Peach palette, my heart skipped a beat. One of my favorite palettes ever is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, which is made up of a bunch of pink shades. The Sweet Peach palette is essentially that, but instead of it being monochromatic like the Naked 3 palette, it has a variety of colors alongside the peach shades such as browns and purples. Some people have mentioned that they would have liked the palette if it had more peach shades instead of browns, but I personally like the variety. I have plenty of monochromatic palettes in my collection, so seeing the beautiful mixture of colors really appealed to me (plus, I can admit that living in the Peach State has made me a little biased toward this palette.)

It definitely smells like peaches. It’s a little strong, but I still think it smells good. The eyeshadows apply beautifully and blend really well together. There is a mixture of matte, sheen, and glittery colors, and I think the palette would compliment every skin tone and eye color nicely.


Getting the palette was an experience all in itself. I knew there was a lot of hype around it, but I wasn’t expecting it to sell out online before I could get to it (I know, silly me). I waited for the Ulta store release, which was April 7. When I arrived at my store (right when it opened may I add), I saw that the place where it was supposed to be was empty. I felt my heart drop a little because I thought they had sold out early. When I asked about it, the employee said they hadn’t received their shipment yet and that it would be there the next day. You bet I was there at the same time the next day. Get this, there was only one left. ONE. Normally I don’t luck out like that, but I grabbed it and didn’t look back. Needless to say, I think the palette was definitely worth the wait (and the slight hassle).

I created some looks to share with you all using the Sweet Peach palette. One is a day time look and one is a night time look. Feel free to check out my YouTube video to see how I created the looks from start to finish!



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